Monday, October 25, 2010

A History Book Goes a Long, Long Way

Instead of explaining the reason to WHY I am posting this Historical Evidence, I hope it just simply, speaks for itself:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Sojourner Truth (March 24th, 1867)
Dear Sojourner Truth,
Will you try to be present at our coming anniversary & help us to burn the woman & the negro in the citizen, & make N.Y. State a genuine republic?
Yours Sincerely,
E Cady Stanton

Susan B. Anthony to the New York State Colored Men's Convention (Oct. 1, 1886)
To the President and members of the Colored Men's State Convention.
Gentlemen: Permit me in behalf of the colored women of the State of New-York to urge upon you to extend your demand for the ballot to your wives and daughters-your mothers and sisters. By the laws of our State the grievances of colored women are a thousand fold greater than those of colored men. While colored men not possessed of the requisite $250 to make them voters are exempted from taxation, all colored women worth even $50 are compelled to pay taxes. That is, the colored man to-day is worth $200, and it exempt, he dies to-morrow, and his widow is immediately assessed as a tax-payer. Then in all the trades and professions your sisters and daughters have not only the obstacles that are everywhere thrown in your way, but also the prejudices and impediments everywhere thrown in woman's way, in addition. Now, heaven, and all colored men, know that the barriers that hedge your pathway on every side are most discouraging; I ask you, then, to remember the women by your side, and secure to them all you claim for yourselves. Now is the time to establish the government of our State, as well as the nation, on the one Democratic Republican Principle-the consent of the whole people- black women, and white as well as black men must now be brought within the body politic.
Respectfully Yours,
Susan B. Anthony