Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember, Remember, the 23rd of July.

A year ago yesterday, I lost my hero.

Gladys Mae Hritsko (Jolly) was both my hero and inspiration. I dreaded the day but the thing I remember now, after a year has gone by, is that she taught me that time is like a road you don't always want to travel down, but we have too.

Although I didn't want to go down and throughout life without her, I realized something today that I think would make her proud. I can go on without my grandmother because she gave me the strength I need to always face life, chin up and with a smile.

I miss you Grandma. More than anything, I just miss talking to you. It didn't matter if you said anything or just sat there quietly, just being able to talk to you, about anything, always relieved my stress and made me feel better.

I dreaded the day that I would lose you but now that a year has come and gone since I did, I realize that I can go on. I can move on with my life happily and its all because of you.