Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Five Reasons I Will Vote for President Obama

In the past I have heard from both the left and the right about their anger with President Obama. Although I can understand and sympathize with some, I have come to realize that NO PRESIDENT can do anything to be fully liked but they can do small things (in the larger scope of their term(s)) to make sure the world improves.

I will vote for President Obama because:
1.) He fought to repeal DADT and came through on his promise.
2.) He ended (for lack of a better word) those USELESS (and mind you, part of the reason why there is no $$$ in America) wars
3)He stands up to the Republican onslaught of legislatures who want to pressure him into being someone he is not.
4.) He is a "family man," unlike some of those pesky Republican candidates who claim to be
5.) He is the first President I have ever voted for and he has not let me down.

Can it be his second term already? Once the weight of reelection is lifted from his shoulders, he will become an ever greater President than he is already!